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My belly is too big. Ask experts how compact this region safe without a fitness trainer? (Minh Xuân-HCMC)

To round 2 of its status to try to escape the heavy, not too hard. Before looking to the treatments then you need to "Save" themselves before, in ways as simple as: climbing the stairs instead of the elevator ride; Brunch out to lunch instead of sitting in the Office and pick up the phone call for boxed; don't eat snacks in the Office; take advantage of the lunch period or Foyer to file varies the abdomen gently ...

Besides, nowadays with development in the field of high-tech aesthetic, you also have many options to find out for themselves find the solution curves match the financial capacity and the Foundation of his time. However, the general trend of beauty and weight loss products services reduce the fat in particular is now using the non-surgical treatments, safety, not painful and less time consuming.

Thermo-tech fat reduction to originate from Italy is one method of satisfying the needs and trends of modern beauty. This technology is capable of removing excess fat, firming, excess skin condition, nhẽo, runs sệ, stretch marks, to reconstruct the skin in the area on the body such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, shoulders ... with equal efficiency a liposuction surgery. However, with coordination between the gentle waves of RF (Radio Frequency), cooling system in place, vacuum massage and rays of light will help the sisters quickly regain "the last standard" only after 10 treatments that do not cause pain or bleeding as when surgery liposuction.

This method will use the hot energy of RF waves to stimulate the oxidation process, help promote intracellular soluble, warm and hard fat burning in the depths of 5-15 mm below the surface of the skin. Light energy is passed on directly to the fatty tissue hard, heat and melt the barrier Toxin (the hard membrane surrounds the cellulite), helps liquefy cellulite all stubborn into fatty acids, CO2 and water. The next step, the system Led lights will be used to grease buildup region tourist vans have been converted, and decomposes through the urinary system.

In addition, the activity of RF waves do stimulate the blood circulation in the veins and arteries, increased activity of the lymphatic system and reduce the fatty tissue just the first treatment.

This is the technology of fat just soft and fat pepper capable hardware, just hunt and remove wrinkles in a treatment schedule to ensure a comprehensive and long-lasting results. All of the abdominal muscles, fatty status loose batter can address the treatment according to the modern and safe method. You can reduce at least from 4 to 10 cm waist measurements after the scheduled treatment advice.

* Note: Efficiency may vary according to the freshness, the basis of each person. Please contact Belas Spa for further advice.

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