Skin care with Pure Oxygen

One of the most valuable and indispensable nutritional sources for the life and freshness of the skin is oxygen.

When the skin gets "hungry" oxygen, the wrinkles, the lightening, the acne... will quickly appear. However, along with environmental pollution, the amount of natural oxygen that absorbs skin every day tends to dramatically decreases. Thus, scientists have researched and fabricated the machine that is capable of supplying pure oxygen directly through skin cells without the use of traditional needles. The technology of supplying pure oxygen is 99% of the aesthetic in the cosmetic industry, clearing, lightening, acne and skin rejuvenation named Oxyjet Leo is available in Vietnam.


Oxyjet Leo Technology supplies pure Oxygen helps to erase wrinkles, clear melasma, acne and skin rejuvenation.

It is the modern technology that can promote pure oxygen to the 4th grade of skin cells, where cell birth. Thus, 2 important factors in deciding whether the moisture and elasticity of the skin are Collagen and elastin will be stimulating significant growth in quantities. It is worth saying that this system is capable of recreating new skin layers without surgery, using needles so safe and does not cause pain.

The skin will become fresh, the wrinkles, lightening, acne and the condition will be improved immediately after a treatment aid.


When supplied with sufficient oxygen, the skin cells will be stimulated to dig faster the toxins accumulate in the body. At this time, the pores were completely ventilated and clean. This is the right time for the skin to absorb maximum of the nutrients, especially for the dull skin color and serious aging skin. The resistance of the skin before the free radical molecules also increases, the reproduction of skin cell sheath is restored.

In addition to clearing wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, Oxyjet climbing technology also works: miniature pores; Clear the stain, freckles, and melasma; Supports sensitive skin treatment, broken capillaries; Skin irritation; Nourishes and protects the skin, impacts directly on new skin cell regeneration, replaces the entire skin cells that are aging, preventing Melanin accumulation, preventing and supporting acne treatment.

Happy New Year, the customer to Belas skin care during pre-Tet will be reduced by 30% of the package fee. The Center also applies this special incentive program to all other services at the spa, such as acne, lightening, hair loss, fat reduction, scar removal, skin rejuvenation, relaxation services...

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* Note: Efficiency may vary according to the freshness, the basis of each person. Please contact Belas Spa for further advice.


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