Miracle in pitting scar treatment, skin rejuvenation

After a long period of absence in the village of Vietnamese music for hernia disease, But Hoang Phuc has promising return same MV music special and 6 time zones full of masculinity. Have the time But Hoang Phuc lose points in the eyes of fans by making up the balance and dizziness, to expose the face wrinkles lifeless ... so to prepare for the return to showbiz, But Hoang Phuc has invested time training Gym for muscle firming , as well as the use of the materials for the professional skin care system at Belas Spa to handle the skin problems like scarring, pitting older skin chemistry ...

Ever experience the technology of Venus in a previous BL15 Viva touring in America, But the Emperor Blesses very impressed with miraculous efficiency technology brings and I hope soon the technology present in Vietnam to get care for their skin. Right to know information technology Venus Viva BL15 was Belas Spa-aesthetic system professional treatment the skin problems-deliver to clients, he has pioneered scar treatment technology experience pitting, brought the top skin from America in Vietnam.

After 60 minutes of relaxation has just taken care of by Venus Viva BL15, But Hoang Phuc said he fully satisfied with the effect. Although the first treatment is new but pores were collapse, brown pigmentation on the skin clear distinctly fuzzy, rẹo pitting is filled, your skin taut smooth balls without pain burning, not lightening, tiny holes as the Laser Technology Matrix ...

The other with the old technology only 1 operation mechanism, treatment to 2 Viva Venus mechanism: Fractional RF & Smartscan specializes in scar treatment, asthma, shrinks pores and Diamond skin blood specializes in Polar Wrinkle reduction, so with only 1 Venus technology clients complete BL15 Viva can treat many different skin problems. But Hoang Phuc especially loved the ability to scan smart integrated smartscan technology helps correct treatment in the region, high efficiency and don't skip the small treatment areas such as eyebrows, eye s. .. 

As the leading technology available today, Venus had markedly improved BL15 Viva in the energy and therapeutic area. High energy should heat the impact down intense skin, extreme wide to even the deepest hole surface helps collagen beneath the skin of the holes scarring are stimulated and produce scarring ... filling your skin without being abrasive in the treatment of scars as the grinding technology worn before, no burning pain, skin blush, no downtime, increased treatment efficiency helps to document the treatment shortens dramatically.

Not only effective in the treatment of scarring, Venus Viva BL15 also highly effective in treating keloids and young skin chemistry. For postpartum women encounter skin problems such as asthma, wrinkled skin ... can also be treated effectively when using Venus Viva BL15. 

But Hoang Phuc said when touring in America, he knows the stars, model, the connection of the Holywood as Sofia Vergara, Beyonce, Cara Delevign, Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek ... also the regular customers of Venus technology Viva. However the cost of treatment in the US pretty high and not good as in Vietnam. With superior performance and reasonable costs, But completely Hoang Phuc Bo "links" to this new technology and will "dragged" beautiful girl friend-Diamond actors to use technology to real BL15 Viva Venus shining in the upcoming role. 

She is a beautiful singer Beyonce is also the choice of technology to BL15 Viva Venus her skin. 

The good news: to help customers get a chance to experience the technologies that remove scarring, skin blood from leading American Venus Viva BL15, Belas will host the premiere of the new technology with the participation of leading dermatology experts from America Anna Olsen in 2 days : 12/6 at 438 Vo Van Tan, Q3, Tphcm and on 14/6 at 14 Nguyen Van Linh, Da Nang City. To attend the premiere in 2 days, the customer will have the opportunity to be dermatologist Anna Olsen direct consultation and treatment now 50% reduction, on the invoicing of services package, and the opportunity of lucky draw with prizes is Venus technology therapy package Viva BL15 worth 10 million.

To participate, customers can call directly to the branch of the Spa to sign up or register directly at the fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/Belas.Spa

The client technology experience scarring, skin chemistry child remove the moderns in the city 12/6 or 14/6 date in DD à 50% immediately will be cut in Danang on invoicing of services package and opportunity lucky draw with prizes worth.

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* Note: Efficiency may vary according to the freshness, the basis of each person. Please contact Belas Spa for further advice.

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