New IPL Hair Removal Vesion 5G

Today, just a peek in several magazines, being able to see the countless great salon, babies are PR, ads for permanent hair removal services of the Center. However, the fact is, most of the permanent hair removal technology on the market today are painful, burning hot, customers, on the other hand the effect is not high because this is the majority of the older technology with the power of the wavelength of light is too big! This makes your skin very vulnerable clients causing burns or scars make you feel uncomfortable.

After all the method of permanent hair removal on the market should be version NewIPL 5 g technology have avoided limitations of the old methods, at the same time take advantage of and promote the advantages of them! Therefore, in developed countries such as the USA, Italy, Australia ..., permanent hair removal services by NewIPL version 5 g were hundreds of thousands of hard to welcome, and appreciated. In Vietnam, this technology has been transferred Spa Belas.                    

How many permanent hair removal methods?

Every day we hear mentioned pretty much permanent hair removal services by the different names, however, scientists around the world have categorized these permanent hair removal methods currently has two main types can be trusted , it is: laser hair removal and hair removal with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

The first technology is the U.S. FDA granted licenses in the field is the IPL permanent hair removal in 1997, a year before laser hair removal methods are acceptable. In it, technology is the generation 5 g version NewIPL your permanent hair removal now!

How does NewIPL  work?

Although both the laser technology and NewIPL are both used to impact on hair follicles, however there are still big differences between the active principle between the 2 methods!

While laser technology using monochromatic light with very high energy frequencies to pass through the skin to destroy the hair follicle, the light energy of the technology NewIPL version 5 g again emits light strips form a broad spectrum and the impact on hair follicles very gently. For customers, this means that the skin absorbs energy in the process of treating the lower then the less risk, less pain and burning hot!

The source of the Strip light (560nm-1200nm) of technology NewIPL 5 g, through optical crystal system, will automatically adjust the wave steps match the level region's thin-thick fur treated, energy transduction in a way most suited to the hair follicles and make yaw right from the dermal papilla, sprouts hairs make the bristles lose the ability to get food from the hair follicles causing the hair does not have the ability to grow back.

NewIPL allocated under broad spectrum, so can the distribution according to the width of the epidermis so skin, help absorb malenin in hair follicles quickly and effectively, reduce the abnormal pigmentation on your skin, helping skin blotchy areas become brighter After the hair thoroughly.

NewIPL 5 g featured longer than with automatic cooling system need not apply as the old methods. This helps the skin after the hairs become radically more soft, there is the phenomenon of rough skin or redness, pain or any lesion on the skin.

How long to lose hair permanently?

Most of the permanent hair removal technology on the market today have a pretty long hair removal schedule, ranging from minimum 5 -10 times with the distance between the times from 20-30 days. This means the client must take from 5, 6 months to 1 year to achieve new results as Italy!                           

However with permanent hair removal technology NewIPL 5 g, you just need to invest a maximum 3-4 months to fully counteract the stubborn hairs, take his body aesthetics a gentle way. Save quite a lot of time and effort to go again when treated with the technology NewIPL 5 g is also the great advantage that the youth of today Vietnam reviews quite high!

* Note: Efficiency may vary according to the freshness, the basis of each person. Please contact Belas Spa for further advice.

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