Advice of Belas is you should treat end to Acne spots before stepping on to the stage clear penetrating and scarring. Your skin is suffering from Acne if "be" affected by the scar treatment method will render the skin injury, resulting in scarring does not improve acne also can spread risk more. Not to mention that if you don't favor the previous acne then the long acne spots on face will "produce" more "potholes" are new.

Because of lightening the impact of outside and inside body, should effective treatments need to be capable of 2-dimensional impact: medium handle lightening on the surface of the skin, prevent the formation of lightening from the inside of the body.

Present Value method Lightening safety of Belas Spa are highly thanks to the ability to resolve from 70% to over 90% in just a week, 6-8 Dermatitis, condition without causing any damage or side effects.
This breakthrough has been thanks to the application of the technology of light Blue Light with versatile ability, balance the State relocated for the body and the spirit, stimulate the efficient agencies to reject waste and toxins out In addition without taking drugs. This method also uses the special treatment products to USA, Germany, Italy ... with kojic acid, azelaic acid, vitamin C, AHAde remove the bruises lightening on the skin surface and recreate new skin cells just form.

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