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Belas Spa is proud to be the first aesthetic unit in Vietnam brought to customers experiencing the same miraculous Venus Viva BL15-technological breakthrough in the treatment of hypertrophic scars, pitting older skin chemistry from America was more than 3 million customers to experience the service and love at 50 countries around the world each year.

"The gold standard reshaped the beauty industry", "miracle in the treatment of older skin chemistry", "technological breakthrough in the treatment of hypertrophic scars pitting". .. is the phrase are professionals in favor of dedicated technology Venus Viva BL15. So you wonder what makes this technology becomes superior?

Venus Viva BL15 is technology? 
Venus Viva BL15 is young, scar treatment technology turns the skin by illuminated RF energy radiated heat impact down the region need treatment stimulates and produce, do shrink the collagen was sagging, helps skin regeneration. Breakthrough in the technology of Venus BL15 Smartscan technology is the first application in internal medicine cosmetic help scan more quickly on the surface of the skin, causing lesions and minimizes the energy in a way to help you spread evenly on the treatment. 

Venus technology Viva BL15 were U.s. FDA tested and certified on the efficacy and safety of the treatment.

With Venus Viva BL15, you can handle the following issues:
Cleared the left scars, pitting scars, bruises, burns scar scar twine, Keloids
Obliterated wrinkles
Shrink pores
The child turns the skin helps the skin smooth, fine.

         Miss Star Magazines Hye Tran  join the service experience in Belas         

2. Mechanism of action and unprecedented breakthrough performance

While the Fractional Laser technology integrated only 1 single laser technology, the Venus Viva scar treatment, young turns the skin nicely with 2 top operating mechanism: Fractional RF & Smartscan specializes in scar treatment, asthma, shrinks pores and Diamond Polar specializes in blood the skin, reducing wrinkles offer effective dual treatment in 1 treatment

Smartscan technology intelligently scans with help precise treatment to each large skin area, besides the millimeter as the forehead, cheeks, Chin, Venus Viva Bl15 also affect each small area such as the eyes, brow .your defense ... for beautiful skin up every detail.

New skin regeneration method is superior, Venus Viva BL15 totally harmless when the new scar treatment scar or, the skin not being thinned, non-invasive such as the Super abrasive technology. In addition, guests will have a pleasant feel due to the skin to be treated much as unscathed as the classic laser treatment. This method also increases the safety for the customer due to the size of the leg pin point ớc mail extremely small energy should penetrate the skin more deeply, less pain, less cause skin damage, and quickly Peel the skin exfoliation and resurfacing the skin , helps the skin heal should not cause side effects including sensitive skin.

Some photos in thematic seminars skin rejuvenation Venus Viva technology:

* Note: Efficiency may vary according to the freshness, the basis of each person. Please contact Belas Spa for further advice.

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